Pilar Sánchez-Gómez, Ph.D.

Scientific Researcher and Principal Investigator
Neurooncology Unit
Instituto de Salud Carlos III

Dr. Sánchez-Gómez graduated in Chemical Sciences at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where she also got her PhD in Biochemistry in 2000. During her postdoctoral training at New York, Geneva and Valencia Universities, she participated in relevant studies defining the molecular mechanisms that control the behavior of normal and tumorigenic neural stem cells. Those include for example the Shh pathway or the PEDF and DYRK1A molecules. In 2008 she started the Neurooncology Unit at ISCIII (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) with a focus on brain tumors, particularly gliomas. Working in close collaboration with clinicians, they have studied novel therapeutic strategies, especially those inhibiting EGFR, one of the key pathways deregulated in such tumors. During the last years, she got interested in deciphering the crosstalk between tumor cells and their microenvironment (vascular and inflammatory cells), which determines the aggressiveness of gliomas. The results from her lab suggest that the genetic status of IDH and EGFR dictates the plasticity of tumor cells, and the vascular phenotype of gliomas. Although these tumors are seemingly different from other brain pathologies, their results suggest as well that alterations of the permeability of the blood vessels could contribute to the progression of many of these diseases.

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